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Hartinger is a prominent Seattle based electronic artist known for his emotive musical creations and enticing on stage presence. An established record label owner and creative director just 25 years old, Hartinger is also a triple threat in his solo career. A DJ, producer, and live performer, Hartinger is recognized for his original tracks, versatile sets, and signature “cute” aesthetic. In the studio, Hartinger strives to create a sound that moves beyond the confines of commercial electronic music.

A colorful and uplifting blend of pop, electronic dance, and r&b, Hartinger describes his genre as “abstract pop”. Justin’s tracks are rich in emotion and meticulous in detail. While many of his compositions are produced with live instruments and melodic vocalists, Hartinger also features hip-hop artists and occasionally his own voice in his work. Hartinger’s releases receive routine airtime on radio station C89.5 KNHC and have been showcased in sets by Justin Martin and Ekali.

In his collaborative career, Hartinger has worked on EPs with both Kody Ryan and LEViTΔte. Hartinger’s discography can be found on Apple Music, Beatport, Soundcloud, Spotify, and his artist Pandora station.