Dream Journal at Capitol Hill Block Party 2017

Written by Katelyn Wynecoop

Though you’ve probably already heard, this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party was a definite highlight of the summer. The eagerly anticipated annual event hosted a fully stacked artist lineup, lively crowds, and some of Seattle’s favorite bars and vendors—all within a six block radius. With so many outstanding performances that weekend, I’m thankful to the curators of this event for bringing in such a phenomenal lineup from all over the globe. On top of all that, I was especially thrilled to see local musicians getting the recognition they deserve from our community. I’m grateful for the reminder of the sheer diversity in talent and genre that the Seattle music industry has to offer.

By the time it hit 3pm each day, Capitol Hill was already swarming with excited festival goers. I have to commend the organizers of this year's CHBP because, despite the masses, the lines were always kept short and nobody had to spend time roasting under the hot sun. Plus, the wonderful security and medics stationed throughout the event were always quick to offer free bottled water or direction to shade to those in need. The staff was readily available to help with any questions and the vendors never failed to greet you with a smile.

Hosting an eclectic selection of artists ranging from indie rock, hip-hop, and electronic music, this year’s lineup was right up our alley. The three sun drenched days at CHBP were filled with soft and dreamy performances from the likes of Big Slide Records inspirations such as Manatee Commune, Jai Wolf, and Whitney, while the nights moved into the heavier sounds of hip-hop legends Run The Jewels and Danny Brown. 

Though our experience at CHBP was outstanding as it was, the cherry on top was a super special performance that took place Saturday afternoon at the Vera Stage—our very own Dream Journal represented BSR at Block Party this year. Josh Leibson, otherwise known as Dream Journal, is a Seattle based producer and performer. He creates a unique blend of pop-influenced electronic music that sits loosely between vibing in the club and chilling at home—his distinct production sound can be recognized by his signature use of vocal samples in both his original compositions and remixes.

Dream Journal opened with his RECESS VOL. 1 release, “When You Grow Up.” A gorgeously crafted infusion of euphoric electronic and live electric guitar, the crowd smiled and swayed to the rhythm, each strum of the guitar drawing in more and more people to the stage.  The set started off slow and dazzling, before steadily blooming into an atmospheric dance performance. His lovely sound was soft yet vibrantly engaging, a perfect compliment to a beautiful summer day under the Seattle sky. With a setlist composed of entirely original music, I watched a handful of people raising their phones into the air with each new track in an attempt to SHAZAAM.


We’re extremely proud to have Dream Journal on our roster, and after his time on stage, we met up to congratulate him on his stellar showcase and chat about the label. When it comes to what makes him so excited to be a part of our team, Leibsohn is passionate about the new kind of opportunity BSR presents.

“I love it because of the freedom it grants and the medium it provides for connecting to new fans and music lovers,” he says. “I think in the modern music industry, it really takes banding together and supporting each other to really make it happen. I hope that’s what Big Slide can be for this group of artists

“I think what makes Big Slide special is the people that are behind it. Also, being born out of a huge party like CODA gives us the momentum and support we need to build something huge. We’ve already proved we can do this, now we just get to do it the way we want to.”

Written by Katelyn Wynecoop
Photos by Brooklyn Benjestorf // Seattle Peach