RECESS VOL. 002 Debut

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By Róisin Cowan-Kuist

To say it’s been a transformative year for us at Big Slide would be an understatement. 

Since the release of our first collaborative album, RECESS VOL. 001, the artists on our roster have worked tirelessly, growing remarkably as song-writers, producers and performers.

In the year since our first RECESS debut, the collective stylings of Big Slide have matured, expanding to encompass an eclectic selection that goes beyond our signature, indie-electronic sound. 

It’s with immense pride and excitement that we share with you our second edition of RECESS, VOL. 002, an album that showcases the experimental, creative journey our label has taken over the past year. 

While our signature sound can still be found on this RECESS release, our second compilation also showcases tracks ranging from soulful R&B, dreamy downtempo house, lyrically rich hip-hop and vibrant pop bounce. 

If RECESS VOL. 001 captured the lighter side of summer, this year’s RECESS translates the distinct sense of nostalgia that comes from looking back on dreamy summer memories. This album will take you back to those warm summer evenings, long after the heat has worn away and the cold has set in once again. 

Here’s our track-by-track breakdown of RECESS VOL. 002, giving you an inside look into each song’s unique contribution to Big Slide’s latest body of work. 



You know those songs that are perfect for late, summer evening drives - the ones you put on as you cruise with the windows down? Well, Summer Nights is one of those songs. The opener in this body of work, Summer Nights encompasses the sentimental, musically conscious quality that each track on RECESS Vol. 2 possesses. Kody Ryan proves with this track once again that he can create heartfelt R&B songs that still have us on our feet grooving. 

HOLD ME feat. Bethany Elaine- Justin Hartinger

Label founder Justin Hartinger brings us that signature Big Slide sound with his latest collaboration with vocalist Bethany Elaine. The track opens with Elaine’s thoughtful, romantic lyrics. With a rolling drum line it launches into the sound Big Slide is known for best - upbeat, punchy electronic beats and a finely-tuned attention to melodic detail. This track is Justin’s second RECESS appearance, and we can’t wait to see what he dreams up for the third round. 

MILLSTREAM- Chong the Nomad

Chong the Nomad is well known for her ability to take creative risks, combining syncopated rhythms and experimental textures to create an authentic style that is entirely her own. Millstream proves to be no exception, with upbeat four to the floor beats and inventive sampling, this track is sure to get you dancing. 

I WANNA KNOW- Distant Pupils

In their debut release as a collaborative alias, Distant Pupils (EMUH and Fatt Mox) demonstrate Big Slide’s expanding sound, proving that there’s a place for hip-hop music and culture on our roster. The bouncy, light hip-hop beats make this track a perfect backdrop for any summer get together, while the poetic, explorative lyrics take you on a journey through sound. 


An ultimate summer come-down song, Goosetaf’s Lucid Dreams is a short and sweet downtempo track that explores the softer side of electronic soundscapes. Goosetaf is no stranger to crafting well-rounded tracks that artfully merge velvety electronic rhythms with jazz influences and smooth string riffs. Lucid Dreams is yet another example of Goosetaf’s impressive range and versatility. 


In his second RECESS track, Ruely gives us what he’s known for best - honest, emotive lyrics and melodic rhythms that leave you with a lingering sense of nostalgia. Ruely is well-versed in writing tunes that are imaginative yet familiar, original in their musical stylings, but universally relatable in their lyrics. Home is an Emotion has that wistful, infectious quality that leaves you pressing the replay button. 

HANDS OFF - Jamie Blake

Jamie Blake’s dreamy, downtempo track sets the tone for this RECESS edition. In his second RECESS release, Jamie’s relaxed, mellow beats are offset with subtle vocal layering, giving it late-night, bedroom vibes. Jamie Blake’s trademark soulful melodies mesh with a laid-back resonance that seamlessly eases us into this musical journey.  

MOVEMENTS feat. Ella Joy- Mayten

A collaboration with UK artist Ella Joy, Movements is Mayten’s first track using vocals, and he proves his musical competency once again. The ethereal, almost eerie track capitalizes on the sounds of sleek house, showcasing a more experimental side of dance music for Big Slide. Ella Joy is Big Slide’s first international artist to be featured on a RECESS release. 


This moody, electronic-pop track from Alter. is one of the more heavy-hitting on this compilation. The deeper, rock-inspired beats are offset by Alter.’s poignant lyrics and gloomy vocal sampling, which complement one another in a way that only a meticulously finely-tuned pop song could. Subspaces is Alter.’s debut track as an artist, as well as his introductory song for Big Slide. 

We at Big Slide are continually inspired by the creativity and innovative capabilities of our artists. This year’s RECESS collaboration shows the strides we’ve taken as a label, and offers a small peak into our creative goals for the coming year. 

The musical progression Big Slide has taken with this RECESS release leaves us excited to see what’s in store for VOL. 003.

Katelyn Wynecoop