You're Invited to Big Slide Takeover!

Artwork by Clio Dill 

Artwork by Clio Dill 

By Alexander Hume

We are pleased to be extending you a formal invitation to our inaugural Big Slide Records Takeover, a showcase of BSR’s accomplished releases, artists, and performances thus far. The night will offer a wide range of electronic music styles with a strong emphasis on good vibes and getting down! We’ve been slowly honing our roster of talented artists in preparation for this unforgettable celebratory experience at Q Nightclub. On March 2nd we’ll commandeer the decks from 10PM-2AM focusing on upbeat, emotional, and electrifying electronic music. We are not only incredibly excited for our chance to takeover Q, but also to show off our impressive lineup.

Dream Journal Playing at Capital Hill Block Party by  Seattle Peach

Dream Journal Playing at Capital Hill Block Party by Seattle Peach

Three of our superstar artists, Jamie Blake, Justin Hartinger, and Dream Journal, will be hitting the stage together for an impressive back to back to back. These producer/performers are a must-see, unafraid to make broad gestures in their productions and performances.

Jamie Blake’s music is an impressive fusion of many genres, primarily drawing from hip-hop, pop, and alternative.  His ‘Home EP’ (2016, BLVNT RECORDS) is an otherworldly exploration of these genres with commendable specificity in the sounds, arrangement, and mixing. It's great for the club or acute headphone listening. No stranger to live performances, he played Upstream Music Festival in Pioneer Square in May 2017.

Justin Hartinger is the founder of Big Slide Records with countless releases. His productions also encompass a wide range of styles and sounds. Known for assertive percussion and tripped-out textures, keep Justin on your radar for new forward-thinking electronic music in 2018. Justin has had a busy year so far, making appearances on the decks in nightclubs and venues throughout Seattle. Along with Kody, he also played Upstream, headlining the Smith Tower stage.

Dream Journal is another accomplished BSR member who produces electronic music teeming with sentimentality and emotion. His remixes are often complete reimagining of songs- interesting and soothing for sore ears. Not only did Dream Journal play Capitol Hill Block Party last year in 2017, but he has also had a prolific schedule as of late, playing at Barboza, Q Nightclub, and opening for Tennyson at Neumos. We’re looking forward to his contribution to the set!   

Ruely playing at Q last August. Photo by  Parallax

Ruely playing at Q last August. Photo by Parallax

In addition to the b2b2b, Ruely, Kody Ryan, and Korra the Kid will also be performing. Ruely has been releasing music for several years and we here at Big Slide were lucky to sign him to our label. His first Big Slide release was his track on Recess 001, Wake Up In The Morning” and it is a model example of his range and vocal capabilities. Ecstatic, shimmery, and nostalgic are some adjectives that come to mind while listening to this psychedelic pop composition.

Kody Ryan is another pioneer in the emotional dance music scene here in Seattle. Combining the sounds of pop, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic, this talented artist has had numerous successful songs. We recently got the chance to interview Kody about his music production and latest song.

A blog editor and writer for BSR by day and upcoming DJ by night, Korra the Kid has recently been making big waves in the Seattle and Bellingham scenes. She opened for SpectraSoul and Chimpo earlier this month, and while she’s most known as a proper drum and bass scientist, prepare for a set of all things quirky and moody downtempo. Anything could happen!

We invite everyone to come relax their minds, dance, and unwind. It will surely be an unforgettable night in the history of BSR and Seattle’s electronic music scene. For those of you who just can't wait, feel free to check out our latest release below.

Katelyn Wynecoop