Steven Trueba Makes Waves With New Project "Alter."

Photo by  Zho Visuals

Photo by Zho Visuals

Written by: Lauren Taylor

“Alter”, the Latin root used to describe a change, a deviation from the norm. The relevance of the root is akin to how each of Steven Trueba’s musical endeavors have their own unique flavor, a creative choice divergent from what’s typically seen in producers.

His newest project, Alter., brings us closer to Trueba than ever before, and this change is not going unnoticed. Using his own vocals on tracks for the first time, Alter. has allowed us to see a personal side of his music that we have gotten with his production for TeZAtalks, Jessie Siren, DEELYLE, Andie Case or his solo project CANDLIGHT.

Alter. has made a large splash quickly, with his first two songs premiering on major music outlets. The debut song of his new alias, Subspaces, was released on Big Slide’s annual Recess Vol. 001 compilation, while Fatal was released by Trap Nation’s YouTube video of “Fatal” is at 449,000 views and growing.

“The main thing is that it is me. It is about my life and my personal experiences of the world. Instead of channeling the emotion of another artist, Alter. is about digging deep into my own soul,” Trueba explained.

Alter. began for Trueba after a period of change in his own life, inspiring a new path for a devoted artist. The music that has been a part of his life since he found a love for it at 14 is what helped Trueba through a tough life transition.

“I loved a person very much and felt like I didn’t receive closure on a lot of things in our relationship,” Trueba said. “I essentially had to write my way out a depression caused from lack of understanding and closure. All the negative emotions I felt towards that relationship I was able to crystalize and leave behind in that first wave of material.”

The emotion poured into these songs can undeniably be felt as a listener. His newest song, Keep Shooting, paints a picture of Trueba’s mental state during this break up. The filled melody paired with the heavy hip-hop beat creates a dynamic similar to artists like Syd, The Weekend and Jhene Aiko.

While born during a painful time, Trueba’s experiences making music for Alter. are not all negative. The music has come to bring him a sense of peace at times.

“It had awoken a new part of me. Singing was something I really enjoyed doing and writing melodies brought me a piece of mind I had not experienced from just production,” Trueba said.

Songwriting suits Trueba. Alter.’s music doesn’t fit neatly into the narrowly defined lane of EDM, it is clear he takes inspiration from many genres. Reaching across hip-hop and trap to soul, each song curates a separate feel, while at the same time staying true to his own sound. The inspiration Trueba gets from artists such as blackbear, 6lack, 21 Pilots, Saint JHN, and The Neighborhood becomes clear when listening to his tracks.

Trueba has been able to say so much with his new musical project in so little time. So much has happened between the time when idea for Alter. was formed in July 2017 to now. The heavily respected producer has managed to become a new kind of artist in his own right, and he has no plans to turn back now.

Katelyn Wynecoop