Farewell To CODA at Q Nightclub

Photos by  Bobby Light  and  Parallax

Photos by Bobby Light and Parallax


By Lauren Taylor

Many people in their lives have had an experience that’s forced them to grow up. It forced them to learn new things, take risks, and dive into their creative endeavors in a way they never thought possible. This event for us here at Big Slide Records, along with many other artists, was the creation of Q Nightclub’s monthly night CODA.


Every fourth Friday of the month we got together with our closest friends and shared our passions to a receptive Seattle crowd. It has been a roller coaster of a journey for everyone involved, over a year ago, playing for an empty room was a possibility.


“I remember at CODA 005 it was 11 and Q was almost completely empty,” Co-founder Justin Hartinger recalls. “I thought to myself that I should just quit, that I didn’t know enough to run a successful event.”


A lot has changed since those nights filled with doubt.


Whether it was music, art, photography, or writing, our team continued to put our all into the night, while asking artists we respected to do the same.


“Finding out about CODA was like finding gold at the end of a rainbow,” said head promoter

Marissa Björn. “I had been seeking a collective of people that were relatively young, well rounded artists who had a passion for expressing emotional and unique music and artwork in the nightlife scene. Once I found CODA, I knew that was it for me.”


Photo by  Bobby Light

Photo by Bobby Light

Throughout the journey, CODA has turned into a night known to artists as a night for artistic freedom. It is known for having a crowd that is receptive to different types of music: a crowd that welcomes new and creative styles. Alda Agustiano, known by her stage name Chong the Nomad, believes this is what made CODA stand out from other nights in the area.


“When I played CODA, I was truly myself and didn’t let any barriers limit me,” Agustiano said. “I can get a little weird, I would play music I wouldn’t dare to in other events. I sometimes find myself playing a gig where I personally feel pressured to stick to a formula and follow that, but not CODA.”


‘If you build it they will come,’ they say, and for us involved with CODA this phase rings especially true. We built this brand from nothing into the influential power house it is today.


“Q lent us the platform they built and we treated that honor with the utmost respect, which I think ended in CODA being pretty influential,” said co-founder Todd Holmes. “For any of us that have been involved in the branding and visuals of CODA, you can’t help but see hints of our creativity in the artwork for other events now.”


No matter how much went in behind the scenes, CODA would be nowhere without the passion of our fans. The energy of the attendees was a standout quality for many performers.


“In my 3 years of playing shows in Seattle the experience that playing CODA shows has given me definitely stands out,” said Orion Richardson, LuckDragon. “The vibes and the energy of the movement have set a tone unlike any other monthly I’ve played for.”


This statement is echoed by Seattle bass music artist Levitate and Big Slide Records’ own Trevor Whitney, or Ruely.


“I got a lot of love from Seattle after the shows I played with CODA,” said Levitate.


Photo by Parallax

Photo by Parallax

“The music is always spot on and you will typically hear your favorite tunes from many different genres,” Said Whitney. “What is constant, though, is the energy that is provided throughout the night. After it’s all over you’ll leave sore from dancing and emotionally recharged from all the amazing people who attend.”


Evolution is a undeniable part of life- people are constantly changing, and we here at Big Slide Records are no different. CODA features a sound that does not quite capture our style anymore, and thus we will continue onto something new. We cannot wait to share what we have coming with our devoted fans, but for now we will have one last party to reminisce on what we have created.


Join us in celebrating our last official CODA at Q nightclub this Friday with CODA 019 featuring Tommy Kruise, Qreepz b2b Justin Hartinger, Samerai Del, Quincy James b2b Baloogz, and Trenton J. Whether it is your first time attending, or you have been with us from the beginning, this night will be one to remember. This is not the last you’ll hear of Big Slide Records, it’s a new beginning. While we wave goodbye to CODA, we welcome with a warm embrace the change to come.


Katelyn Wynecoop