Process 01: Kody Ryan

By Alexander Hume

With such an abundance of talented artists within both our roster and among our peers, we at Big Slide have decided to launch Process, our new blog series dedicated to giving our readers an inside look into the production process of their favorite artists. 

For the inaugural First Process, we got inside the mind of the talented producer and vocalist, Kody Ryan. Since his celebrated release ‘Hard to Feel’, Ryan has been quickly gaining fans. His newer tracks, "Better This Way" and a cover of Jeremy Zucker’s song "Talk Is Overrated" show an obvious growth in his commendable production prowess. His ability to create dense musical atmospheres is a huge part of why Ryan makes an awesome first for our series!

Ryan's latest single, "Hands On", is a collaboration with BSR founder and fellow roster artist Justin Hartinger. The amorous new dance track hits all streaming platforms January 26th.


When did you first start making music?


When I was 15, my grandma bought me a little first act guitar and it changed everything about my life instantly. Music turned from an appreciation to an obsession. 


When did you start getting involved with music production/recording?


I got involved in production a few years after that. I really wanted to go to Pro Studios but never had the funds. The bands I joined never lasted long enough to record so I just started buying some cheap equipment and the rest is history.


Who are your biggest musical inspirations at the moment?


My biggest inspirations at the moment are Pharrell, Jeremy Zucker, John Mayer, Justin Hartinger (had to do it) and Lil Skies to be honest.

Hartinger and Ryan while working on "Hands On"

Hartinger and Ryan while working on "Hands On"


What is a studio technique you wish you had known about in the earlier stages of your music career?


I wish I knew about EQ a little bit more when I first started. I have a pretty low voice and It used to crowd my mixes because I love producing instrumentals with deep low end. Brightness is so crucial, especially with everyone listening on cell phones and laptops these days.


What's your key to inspiration and creativity? What gets your creative energies going?


My key to inspiration usually consists of hearing a new sound or texture that can speak a lot of emotion. I’m a sucker for pads and ambient swells but sometimes you never know and that’s where things get interesting. Like when I heard “Hands On” for the first time, that drop was so addictive and melodically satisfying I knew immediately that I wanted to write on it and got most of the song done in the 24 hours that followed hearing it.


What's a piece of gear in your studio you can't live without (digital or analog)?


I can’t live without Omnisphere. I’ve tried others, but it has my heart for life. Everything Spectrasonics makes is phenomenal.


What's something you want to improve upon with your music production/process?


I would like to improve on my ability to create energy in both my writing process and production. This song taught me a lot, it's so full of life and is something I wish I could have produced instrumentally.


We are absolutely honored to have Kody Ryan on our official artist roster. Stay tuned for the premiere of "Hands On" this coming Friday January 26th! 





Katelyn Wynecoop