Ruely's Debut Performance

Photos by  Parallax

Photos by Parallax

Written by Dana Haj-Ali

August proved to be a monumental month for Big Slide, and the cherry on top was Ruely’s very first public performance at this month’s CODA. Though he is the newest addition to our roster and he just started playing out in clubs, Ruely is no new face in the production community. His production background added a special element to his set—acting as both the producer and vocalist for his tracks, Ruely had the crowd passionately singing along to his lyrics and swaying to the rhythm. Despite this being his debut performance, the quality of his set and the support he drew in through the doors of Q Nightclub was undeniably impressive. With its prime location, high capacity, state-of-the-art sound system, and superior lighting and projection displays, getting booked at Q Nightclub for your premiere set is an opportunity seldom new artists are offered. This venue hosts talent from the upper echelons of electronic music multiple nights a week—the fact that Ruely’s first booking ever took place in a venue of this caliber is an outstanding achievement.

This being a major milestone in his career, we found it only necessary to check in with the man behind Ruely, Trevor Whitney, and see how he was feeling about his recent achievements and what is to come. Prepare to be charmed.

How did you come up with the name Ruely?

So the origin of Ruely is quite simple, yet it didn't occur to me until I did some soul searching. As a kid my parents would always call me 'Trevorly Revorly Rue'. Eventually, just as nicknames do, it became Ruely for short. Ruely reminds me of being a kid, when everything was simple and my imagination had no limits.

How did you feel playing for your very first time at Q Nightclub?

To play my very first show at Q was an absolute dream come true. I had to pinch myself while on stage because the night felt almost too perfect. I could not stop smiling and laughing uncontrollably because of how much fun I was having. It happened exactly one year to the day that I first stepped foot in Q Nightclub. On that first night out I told my friend, "In one year from now, I will play here." When I realized it happened, I got a little teary eyed.

How did you decide what to play for your very first show?

The set that I chose to play were all songs that I knew were going to bring a whole different feel to CODA. At the same time staying true to that funky electronic/hiphop/party vibe that the night is known for. Of the tunes that weren't of my own, I chose ones that resembled something close to my style.

We at Big Slide Records are thrilled to have you join our label. What are you most excited about when it comes to joining BSR?

Big Slide, like Coda, felt like home to me. The label's vision is almost directly in line with my vision with Ruely. I'm not just joining a label, it feels more like I'm joining a team. I get to work alongside my friends to create something amazing. There is so much creative energy coming out of this roster already. What a better place to grow and create than with these people.

How did it feel to see your fans come out to support you Friday night?

I still feel like I haven't thanked my friends and fans enough for coming out to support me. Most of them drove so far and even had work in the morning. I'm so incredibly thankful for each and every one one of them. It actually made me super emotional hearing people sing the words to my songs. I never thought that would happen.

What we should expect from you next?

Everyone should expect my shows to have more and more original content in them. I have dozens of unreleased songs that are just waiting to be released. Most of them will only be played in my sets for a while though. I have a lot more creating to do and it will only get better.


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