Dream Journal Debuts Remix of Justin Hartinger's "Together"

Justin Hartinger - Together (Dream Journal Remix).jpg

You may know Seattle-resident producer Dream Journal from his past Big Slide releases, “Take You Home” ft. Maiah Manser, and “When You Grow Up”. His musical style encompasses countless genres, with driving percussive and melodic influences in the forefront of his productions. Despite having a knack for moving melodies and harmonies, the producer also loves a punchy 808- his tracks bump serious low end.

His latest track is wonderful remix of Justin Hartinger’s “Together”, released on chinchilla, an Artist Intelligence Agency sublabel, focused on pop, R&B, future, and hip hop. The remix is an impressive entirely new take on the tune, originally released by Hartinger through Big Slide and The XXX, also part of the AiA family, about nine months prior. His chilled-out style oozes from the pores of his remix, his distinct sound is present throughout. The second half of the track slowly evolves into a four on the floor stomper, eventually back into the psychedelic downtempo groove that he sets up in the first half. The artist tickles the stereocilia in our ears, a brilliant revisioning of the original and more universally, modern electronic music.

Alexander Hume